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Talent Search
Digital recruitment for fast and effective results

The type of Search process which will be used to recruit the best candidate for the job will depend on the client’s needs, the strategic goals and the profile of the candidate. After discussion and in depth understanding of the client’s organisation, its corporate structure, the market and the profile sought, we will adopt the most appropriate method for recruiting the executive. Dgital recruitment is based on massive jobpostings on jobboards and social media networks, and is mostly used when the target group of potential candidates is large and accessible. It allows for a fast, visible and scheduled campaign aimed at a population of active job-seekers.



A tailor-made recruitment campaign

Our experience and knowledge of the advertising market are critical in helping our clients. With the support of our web agency TALENTUP, we plan and execute relevant and effective recruitment campaigns that produce a rapid and qualitative flow of applications.Our recommendations will take full account of the specificities of your field of activity, your strategic directions and business issues.

VIDAL ASSOCIATES Consulting & Search has high quality agreements with leading press media and internet jobboards. As a founding and active member of talentup.com, we have unlimited access to a powerful website and database.


Powerfull tools

To increase the impact of our sourcing strategy, we include networking, direct search, campus recruiting, social media advertising,jobpostings, internet mining, job fairs...

Together with our integrated agency, Talentup, expert in HR communication and web-planning, and based on the profil sought, we determine the most suitable approach for your search: general and specialized jobboards, national and international press, specialized press, regional press, community and social networks... Our recommendation will take into account your strategic orientations and your challenges. And because for us, the content is as important as the form, we will accompany you in the realization of your advertisement, from the writing of the text to its graphic presentation. The candidate must identify with the profile sought. The challenge is to arouse interest and motivation through an attractive presentation of the company, the position and its environment.

Recruitment process

1. Define the profile

Discuss and ensure in depth understanding of the client’s organisation, its corporate culture. Prepare a profile of the executive, job description, responsibilities and reporting structure.

2. Analysis of the market and choice of the search strategy

The analysis of the market, the sector and the competition allows us to propose the most suitable search strategy and to quickly target the candidates.

3. Writing of the vacancy, choice of the websites and job postings

4. Face to face interviews with selected applicants, selection and assessment

Personal interviews with the candidates. In depth assessment of shortlisted candidates. Presentation of the candidates to the company.

5. Take up references of shortlisted candidates. Credential verifications.

This is an essential step in the recruitment process to avoid fraud, detect "mistakes" and validate objective data..

6. Accompaniment in the decision making process

We assist you in the decision making process, both in terms of personality and skills of the candidates, and in terms of remuneration

7. Recruitment and post-placement control on the performance of the candidate in the company

We guarantee a follow-up of the integration of the candidate and regularly carry out a follow-up with the company and the person hired.

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