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Recruitment: the challenge to attract and retain the best Talent

Where do you expect your company to be tomorrow?
What is your development strategy in the short, medium and long term?

Whatever your dream for the future of your business, you need talented people to evolute with you.
Success comes from innovation which in turn comes from people with talent and creativity. Stay ahead of the curve and find the talent that will make your company THE company of tomorrow.

VIDAL ASSOCIATES Consulting & Search accompanies you in the search for the talents that correspond to your needs, your desires and your ambitions.

If you are looking for this quality of partnership to optimize your recruitment or the development of your employees, contact us so that we can discuss and analyse your needs together.




Attracting and retaining the right talent to achieve business performance



Talent Search: Executive Search and Recruitment

Direct Search

A personalized and specialized approach to search, attract and retain top talent in your sector of activity.


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Digital recruitment

Search and recruit talent through job postings and extensive tracking in databases and social media networks.


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Talent Management - Manage your human capital

Skills assessment

Knowing the strengths and areas for improvement of your employees or the talent who will join you tomorrow allows you to manage the skills of each person. The relationship between quality of talent and business performance is dramatic. By capitalizing on their know-how your company will get a productivity kicker.


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HR consultancy

Optimize your organization by analyzing the recruitment process and the management of your company's Human Capital. Innovative solutions adapted to your development strategy.


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Knowing and developing one's resources, knowing how to mobilize them, whether within a team or in a personal capacity


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Competency assessment

A personalized accompaniment that allows each person to have a perfect knowledge of his or her assets, strengths and areas for improvement on the eve of starting a new professional project.


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Our teams look further

Our teams of talent acquisition managers are recruitment professionals with extensive experience in identifying and qualifying high-level candidates. Depending on your needs, we will use our proven methods to detect the most talented people.

Innovative sourcing tools

Our teams use the most innovative sourcing tools to optimize the process of finding and managing assignments and candidates. Our database of more than 300,000 candidates allows us to have a clear global vision of the market and to identify potential talent quickly and efficiently. 

A multi-specialist Group

You manage a company, you manage teams, and you know how valuable each member of your team can be to build great projects together. 
At VIDAL ASSOCIATES Consulting & Search, we believe that each company and each person is unique, and that it is the combination of differences that makes the most beautiful projects come to life.
With our multiple offices and specialist websites, we are able to meet the needs of customers, candidates and employees.

Are you looking for solutions to recruit or manage your human capital?
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